Rejuvapen Skin Needling

Skin needling is the ultimate anti ageing treatment; it is also excellent for scarring. The treatment involves creating a multitude of tiny pin prick wounds to the skin causing a number of effects:

  • Stimulation and formation of new collagen and elastin.
  • Products can penetrate the skin better having greater effect.
  • Improved appearance of large pores.
  • Restores firmness to skin smoothing wrinkles and lines.
  • Reduce the appearance of scarring.
  • Lightens pigmentation marks.

Clients are required to prepare their skin for two weeks prior to treatment with the products advised to gain the best results, specific after care products must be used post treatment. There is a certain period of post treatment effects on the skin after skin needling, aftercare will be provided on how best to care for your skin during this period and what to expect.


Rejuvapen Skin Needling (90mins) £150